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The Archive of the NDB Newsletters

  • January 2008: In August 2007 the entire PDB archive was remediated (http://remediation.wwpdb.org). Primarily, deoxyribose residues were assigned two letter codes DG, DC, DA, DT and significant changes were made in the atom nomenclature and stereochemical assignments of all chemical components. As a result, the contents, web-pages and some functionalities of the NDB database are being revised to make them consistent with the PDB remediation. The links for downloading files and searching instructions are also being updated. We hope to have these updates in place soon. Please bear with us as we make this transition.
  • November 2003 Paper Describing RNA Visualization Programs Published; NDB at the ACS Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting 2003; NDB at RNA 2003; Review of B- and A-DNA Structures Published; Paper Nucleic Acid Visualization Program Published; Using XML to Generate the NDB Atlas
  • April 2003 Release of the Updated and Expanded NDB Website; DNA Day Resources; Article on the NDB Published
  • September 2002 New NDB Beta Test Site; NDB Summer 2002 Internship Program; Article on the NDB Published in Acta Crystallographica; NDB at IUCr Congress and General Assembly
  • October 2001 Two articles have been published: "A standard reference frame for the description of nucleic acid base-pair geometry" (J. Mol. Biol. 2001; 313, pp. 229 - 237) and a chapter on the NDB (International Tables for Crystallography, Volume F: Crystallography of Biological macromolecules. Editors: M.G. Rossmann and E. Arnold, 2001. Cordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands).
  • November 2000 ANNOUNCEMENT: NDB to release files from data uniformity processing; mmCIF Dictionary updated; Music Atlas highlighted in Science
  • June 2000 NDB Mirror at Institute of Cancer Research (UK), Tsukuba Workshop on Nucleic Acid Structure and Interactions Proceedings, Interactions between the NDB and the PDB
  • February 1999 ADIT Validation Server Announcement; Tsukuba Workshop, PDB News
  • October 1998 Special Announcement: Rutgers, UC San Diego, and NIST win grant to manage Protein Data Bank
  • June 1998 New Structure Finder Quick Reports, SFCheck, FREEHELIX98, mmCIF Dictionary Extensions, NDB Welcomes Summer Students.
  • January 1998 Announcing the Biological Structure Resource: Structure Finder, a la mode, NDB, and mmCIF.
  • October 1997 WWW Mirror at SDSC; NDB Atlas: Protein Functions; mmCIF Software Developers' Workshop; mmCIF Coordinate Files: New Data Items; NDB Archives: NMR Structures.
  • July 1997 ACA St. Louis; Area Code Change; Chirality Checks; Summer Projects.
  • March 1997 WWW Mirror at AIST-NIBH, Japan; NDB WWW Full Interface: New Report Generation Features; Protein Finder.
  • September 1996 Summer Activities: Atlas of Nucleic Acid Structure, Musical Atlas, XVII IUCr Congress and General Assembly, mmCIF Software Tools.
  • April 1996 WWW Mirror at EBI, New WWW Forms Interface.
  • January 1996 Deposition Information.
  • December 1996 Fall Activities; Processing Procedures.
  • October 1995 New look at WWW site; Nucleic Acid Dictionaries.
  • July 1995 New application interface to the NDB on WWW available. Structures may be selected based on a large variety of structural and experimental characteristics stored in the NDB.
  • March 1995 Forms based interface to the NDB on WWW available. Coordinates of protein/DNA complexes available in PDB format.
  • December 1994 New parameter and topology files for refinement of nucleic acid-containing structures using XPLOR.
  • August 1994 NDB now on the World Wide Web - announcing the HTML atlas.
  • April 1994 Protein/DNA complexes released.
  • December 1993 PDB format coordinates released.
  • September 1993
  • June 1993 New plots released.
  • March 1993 Announcing packing pictures.
  • December 1992 Announcing kinemages.
  • October 1992
  • July 1992
  • April 1992 Announcing new structures, and torsion angle conformation rings.
  • February 1992 Announcing new structures, torsion angle tables, and coordinates available.
  • Introductory newsletter Released in December 1991.