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NDB ID: RR0033  PDB ID: 1JJ2 

Similar structures that share the same, or nearly same, sequence and geometry are grouped into equivalence classes

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Equivalence ClassResolution cut-offRepresentative (PDB ID)Members
NR_all_25303.2 None4V9F4V9F, 1S72, 1YI2, 1JJ2, 3CCL, 3CCU, 1YIJ, 3G71, 1YHQ, 3CMA, 3G6E, 3I56, 3CCV, 3CD6, 2QEX, 3CCM, 1YJ9, 3CC4, 1YJN, 2OTL, 1YIT, 3CC2, 3CCS, 2OTJ, 3CCQ, 1KQS, 3CC7, 3CCR, 3G4S, 3I55, 3CCJ, 2QA4, 3CCE, 3OW2, 1VQ8, 1VQO, 1VQK, 1VQ9, 1VQP, 1VQ7, 1VQN, 1VQ4, 1VQ6, 3CME, 1M90, 1QVG, 1VQ5, 1NJI, 3CXC, 3CPW, 1Q81, 1Q86, 1KC8, 1K73, 1Q82, 1K9M, 1QVF, 1M1K, 1KD1, 1K8A, 1Q7Y, 1FFK, 1N8R, 1W2B
NR_all_26150.2 None4V9F4V9F, 1S72, 1JJ2, 1YI2, 3CCU, 3CCL, 1YHQ, 1YIJ, 3CMA, 3CCV, 3G6E, 3G71, 3CD6, 2QEX, 3CCM, 3I56, 2OTL, 3CCS, 1YJN, 1YJ9, 3CC4, 3CCQ, 1YIT, 3CC2, 1KQS, 2OTJ, 3CCR, 3CC7, 3G4S, 3I55, 2QA4, 3CCJ, 3CCE, 3OW2, 1VQO, 1VQ8, 1VQP, 1VQK, 1VQN, 1VQ9, 1VQ7, 1VQ4, 1VQ6, 3CPW, 3CME, 1M90, 3CXC, 1QVG, 1NJI, 1VQ5, 1KC8, 1K73, 1Q81, 1Q82, 1QVF, 1K9M, 1KD1, 1K8A, 1M1K, 1Q86, 1Q7Y, 1FFK, 1FG0, 1FFZ, 1N8R, 1W2B