A Portal for Three-dimensional Structural Information about Nucleic Acids
As of 20-Oct-2021 number of released structures: 11724
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Similar structures that share the same, or nearly same, sequence and geometry are grouped into equivalence classes

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Equivalence ClassResolution cut-offRepresentative (PDB ID)Members
NR_all_21280.19 None4KZY4KZY, 4KZZ, 4KZX, 7O7Y, 7O7Z, 7JQB, 6SGC, 7O80, 7NWI, 6YAL, 6R5Q, 7O81, 6ZVK, 6P5I, 6P5K, 6P5J, 6P4G, 7MDZ, 6R6P, 6P4H, 6P5N, 6D9J, 7JQC, 5LZS, 6W2T, 7A01, 6MTD, 5LZV, 6D90, 6YAN, 6MTC, 6MTE, 6W2S, 6GZ5, 5LZZ, 5LZW, 5LZX, 6GZ3, 7NWG, 6GZ4, 5LZT, 6YAM, 6MTB, 6HCJ, 6R6G, 5LZU, 6HCF, 6R7Q, 3JAH, 5LZY, 7NWH, 5FLX, 3JAG, 3JAI, 5K0Y, 6HCQ, 6HCM, 4UJE, 3JAN, 3JAJ, 4UJD, 4D61, 4D5L, 4UJC
NR_all_96269.10 None4KZZ4KZZ, 6ZP4, 6QZP, 7A09, 5T2C, 6Y57, 4UG0, 4V6X, 6FEC