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As of 21-Sep-2022 number of released structures: 12282
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Similar structures that share the same, or nearly same, sequence and geometry are grouped into equivalence classes

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Equivalence ClassResolution cut-offRepresentative (PDB ID)Members
NR_all_03510.46 None4V884V88, 5TBW, 7OSA, 6HHQ, 5OBM, 5I4L, 5MEI, 5NDW, 5LYB, 7OSM, 5ON6, 5NDV, 5NDG, 5TGM, 4V7R, 5DAT, 5TGA, 5DGE, 5DGV, 5DGF, 5DC3, 7PZY, 7Q08, 6T4Q, 7MPJ, 7Q0F, 7Q0R, 7Q0P, 6WOO, 4U4R, 6TB3, 6SNT, 4U3U, 7A1G, 6ZVI, 7N8B, 7MPI, 4U3M, 4U4Q, 4U4U, 4U52, 7RR5, 4U6F, 4U4N, 6Q8Y, 4U4Z, 6XIR, 7B7D, 6SV4, 4U4Y, 4U3N, 6T7T, 4U55, 5M1J, 6T7I, 4U50, 4U51, 6S47, 6TNU, 6Z6K, 6Z6J, 6FAI, 5JUP, 4U53, 6RBD, 4U56, 6LQP, 7NRC, 5MC6, 6KE6, 6T83, 6EML, 5JUO, 6RBE, 5JUT, 5JUU, 6Y7C, 6GQB, 5JUS, 6XIQ, 6GQV, 7NRD, 6ZQG, 4U4O, 6LQU, 4V8Y, 7D4I, 6ZQD, 6GQ1, 7AJU, 6LQS, 5LL6, 6LQQ, 7SUK, 6ZQB, 6ZQC, 5WLC, 6I7O, 7D5S, 5WYK, 6ZCE, 7AJT, 6LQT, 6LQV, 3J6Y, 3J6X, 3J77, 3J78, 6ZU9, 6ZQF, 4V8Z, 7D5T, 5TZS, 6ZQE, 6LQR, 5WYJ, 4V6I, 7D63
NR_all_18586.47 None5TBW5TBW, 4V88, 7OSA, 5I4L, 6HHQ, 5MEI, 5OBM, 5LYB, 5ON6, 5NDW, 7OSM, 5NDV, 5NDG, 5TGM, 4V7R, 5DAT, 5DGV, 5DGF, 5DGE, 5TGA, 5DC3, 7TOP, 6T4Q, 7TOO, 7MPJ, 6TB3, 6SNT, 7AZY, 4U4R, 4U3U, 6WOO, 7N8B, 7MPI, 4U4Q, 4U3M, 4U52, 6QIK, 7OHQ, 4U4U, 7BT6, 6Q8Y, 6YLG, 4U6F, 5T62, 6T7T, 6XIR, 6RZZ, 6M62, 7BTB, 7RR5, 6YLH, 4U4N, 6TNU, 3JCT, 4U3N, 4U4Z, 6T7I, 7B7D, 6RI5, 6S47, 4U55, 4U50, 5M1J, 4U4Y, 4U51, 6Z6K, 6Z6J, 6QT0, 7OH3, 5H4P, 6SV4, 4U53, 5APO, 6QTZ, 6R86, 6N8M, 6N8O, 6N8J, 6R87, 6HD7, 5JUP, 6N8K, 6N8L, 4U56, 6R84, 6OIG, 7Z34, 6N8N, 6S05, 7NRC, 6GQB, 5MC6, 6T83, 5JUT, 6FT6, 5JUO, 5JUU, 6GQV, 5APN, 4U4O, 5JUS, 6XIQ, 5T6R, 7NRD, 4V8Y, 5GAK, 6GQ1, 7OHT, 6I7O, 7OF1, 3J6Y, 3J6X, 3J77, 3J78, 4V8Z, 4V8T, 4V7F, 5FL8, 5JCS, 4V6I
NR_all_90506.50 None5TBW5TBW, 4V88, 7OSA, 5I4L, 5MEI, 6HHQ, 5OBM, 5LYB, 5NDV, 5ON6, 7OSM, 5NDW, 5NDG, 5TGM, 4V7R, 5DAT, 5DGV, 5DGE, 5TGA, 5DGF, 5DC3, 7TOP, 6T4Q, 7TOO, 7MPJ, 6WOO, 6TB3, 6SNT, 7AZY, 4U4R, 4U3U, 7N8B, 7MPI, 5T62, 4U3M, 6YLG, 4U4Q, 4U4U, 4U52, 7RR5, 6Q8Y, 7OHQ, 6YLH, 4U6F, 6T7T, 6QIK, 7B7D, 6XIR, 5M1J, 4U4N, 6TNU, 4U4Z, 6RZZ, 6T7I, 7BT6, 7BTB, 4U3N, 4U4Y, 3JCT, 4U55, 6S47, 4U51, 4U50, 6R87, 5H4P, 6M62, 6Z6K, 6Z6J, 6R86, 6RI5, 7OF1, 5JUP, 6HD7, 6QT0, 4U53, 6N8M, 6N8O, 7OH3, 6SV4, 6R84, 7Z34, 6N8L, 6N8K, 5APO, 6QTZ, 6N8J, 6OIG, 4U56, 6N8N, 7NRC, 5MC6, 6GQB, 5JUU, 6T83, 5JUT, 5JUO, 6S05, 6GQV, 6FT6, 5JUS, 6ELZ, 6XIQ, 5APN, 5T6R, 6YLY, 4U4O, 7NRD, 4V8Y, 6GQ1, 6YLX, 5GAK, 7OHX, 7OHV, 6EM1, 6EM5, 6EM3, 7OHU, 7OHY, 7OHW, 7OHP, 7OHR, 6I7O, 6C0F, 6EM4, 7OHS, 3J6Y, 3J6X, 3J77, 3J78, 7OHT, 6CB1, 5Z3G, 4V8Z, 4V8T, 4V7F, 4V6I, 5JCS, 5FL8