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As of 13-Jan-2021 number of released structures: 11166
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Similar structures that share the same, or nearly same, sequence and geometry are grouped into equivalence classes

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Equivalence ClassResolution cut-offRepresentative (PDB ID)Members
NR_all_10157.70 None5J7L5J7L, 5JC9, 5J8A, 4YBB, 6I7V, 4WOI, 5IT8, 5J91, 4U27, 5J88, 4WF1, 4V9D, 4V9P, 4U24, 4V9O, 4WWW, 4U26, 4V7T, 4V6C, 4U25, 4U1U, 6LKQ, 4V7U, 4U20, 4V7V, 4V9C, 4U1V, 4V52, 4V7S, 4V50, 4V85, 6BY1, 4V57, 4V64, 4V6D, 4V54, 4V53, 4V6E, 4V56, 4V55, 4V4Q, 4V89, 4V5Y, 4V5B, 5J5B, 4V4H, 7K00, 6XZ7, 6PJ6, 6XZB, 6YSS, 6PC6, 6PCR, 6PC7, 6YS3, 6TBV, 6TC3, 6XZA, 6PCQ, 6PC5, 6QDW, 5AFI, 6Y69, 6ORE, 6PCT, 6WYV, 6U48, 5NWY, 5MDV, 6ZTO, 6ZTP, 6ZU1, 6WDE, 6PCS, 5H5U, 6WD0, 6HRM, 6PC8, 6H4N, 6QUL, 6SZS, 6PCH, 5WFS, 5MDZ, 6S0K, 6YSR, 6X7K, 6ENU, 5MDW, 5MGP, 6VWL, 6X6T, 6YST, 6ENF, 6WDD, 5U9G, 5U9F, 5UYM, 6C4I, 5WDT, 7JT1, 6WDF, 6WDG, 6OG7, 6WD1, 7BV8, 5WE4, 6OFX, 3JBV, 5GAE, 6I0Y, 5MDY, 5WFK, 5LZD, 6OGI, 3JCE, 6ZTM, 5O2R, 6ZTJ, 6X7F, 7JT2, 5LZE, 6BU8, 6VWM, 6OSQ, 6VWN, 5U4I, 6ORL, 5KCR, 5LZA, 6WD3, 6WD5, 5UYL, 5WE6, 6WDK, 5IQR, 5WF0, 6WD2, 6WDM, 6VYS, 6VU3, 6XDQ, 6VYQ, 6ENJ, 7JSS, 6YSU, 6WD9, 7JT3, 7JSZ, 3JBU, 5L3P, 5GAD, 6WDJ, 6WD6, 6OSK, 3J9Z, 6Q9A, 6DNC, 6WD8, 6WD4, 6WDL, 5JU8, 5JTE, 3JCJ, 6VYR, 5UYQ, 7JSW, 6WDA, 5GAH, 6GWT, 6GXM, 6ZTL, 6GBZ, 6OUO, 6GC8, 5GAG, 5UYP, 6GC0, 3J9Y, 5KPW, 5UYK, 6OGF, 5KPX, 6GXO, 6GXN, 6WD7, 3JCD, 5KPS, 5KCS, 5UYN, 6OT3, 6Q97, 6WDI, 4UY8, 5NP6, 6WDB, 6O9J, 6O9K, 6VZJ, 3J7Z, 5KPV, 6OGG, 3JA1, 6WDC, 6ZTN, 5GAF, 6WDH, 6GC4, 6OST, 6Q98, 6GXP, 5LZF, 3JCN, 6XDR, 6X9Q, 5LZC, 5NCO, 6XGF, 5LZB, 4CSU, 5AKA, 3J8G, 4V5H, 4V69, 5ADY, 6VZ7, 6VYW, 6VYU, 6XII, 4V7B, 4V6M, 3J5L, 4V7D, 4V7C, 6H58, 6XIJ, 5ZZM, 4V6K, 6VZ3, 6VZ5, 4V6T, 4V7A, 4V65, 4V66, 2RDO, 2J28, 4V6V, 6VYX, 6VYY, 6VYZ, 6VZ2, 3BBX, 4V6Q, 4V6R, 4V48, 4V6Z, 4V6Y, 4V75, 4V6N, 4V7I, 4V47, 4V72, 4V6S, 4V6L, 4V6P, 6VYT, 4V6O, 4V79, 4V73, 4V4W, 4V4V, 4V70, 4V77, 4V76, 4V74, 4V78, 4V71
NR_all_56726.61 None5J7L5J7L, 4YBB, 5J8A, 5JC9, 4WOI, 5IT8, 4V9P, 4V9O, 5J91, 6I7V, 4V6C, 4V52, 4V7T, 4V57, 4WWW, 6LKQ, 4U27, 5J88, 4V7V, 4V54, 4WF1, 4U1U, 4V64, 4U26, 4V53, 4V9D, 4U24, 4V7S, 4U25, 4V56, 4V7U, 4V55, 4V50, 4V4Q, 4U20, 4U1V, 6BY1, 4V85, 4V6D, 4V89, 4V6E, 4V5Y, 4V9C, 4V5B, 5J5B, 4V4H, 7K00, 6YSS, 6XZB, 6TC3, 6TBV, 6XZA, 6Y69, 5AFI, 5NWY, 6WD0, 6H4N, 6WDE, 6ORE, 5H5U, 5WDT, 5WFS, 6SZS, 5MDV, 5MGP, 6ENU, 5WE4, 6YSR, 6ZTP, 6ZTO, 6ZU1, 6X7K, 6ENF, 5U9G, 6WNW, 5U9F, 6WDD, 3JCE, 5UYM, 6YST, 6X6T, 5MDW, 5MDZ, 6C4I, 7JT1, 6WDG, 6WD1, 6WDF, 6OFX, 6VWL, 6OG7, 5O2R, 6OGI, 5WFK, 5LZD, 5WE6, 7JT2, 6WNV, 6BU8, 5LZE, 5MDY, 6X7F, 5U4I, 6ZTM, 6ZTJ, 5UYL, 5KCR, 5IQR, 6WDM, 6WDK, 6WD3, 6WD5, 6WD2, 3JBV, 5WF0, 5LZA, 6OSQ, 6VWM, 6VWN, 5JTE, 5JU8, 7JSS, 3JCJ, 7JSZ, 7JT3, 6ENJ, 3J9Z, 6WDL, 6WDJ, 6WD9, 6WD4, 6WD8, 6WD6, 3JCD, 6YSU, 5L3P, 6DNC, 6XDQ, 6VYS, 6VYQ, 6VU3, 6OSK, 6ORL, 5UYQ, 6GXM, 6GWT, 7JSW, 6W6K, 6WDA, 6W77, 6VYR, 6Q9A, 6OUO, 5UYP, 6GXO, 6GXN, 6WD7, 6OGF, 5UYK, 6O9J, 5KPW, 3J9Y, 5KCS, 6W7N, 5KPS, 5UYN, 6O9K, 6WDI, 6ZTL, 6WDB, 5KPX, 6Q97, 3JBU, 6OT3, 6W7M, 6VZJ, 6ZTN, 5NP6, 6O7K, 6OGG, 6WDC, 5KPV, 6WDH, 3JA1, 6GXP, 6NQB, 6OST, 6Q98, 3JCN, 5LZF, 6XDR, 5LZC, 6X9Q, 6XGF, 5NO2, 5NO4, 5NO3, 5LZB, 6W7W, 4V5H, 5U4J, 4V69, 6XE0, 6VZ7, 6VYW, 6VYU, 6XII, 4V6M, 4V7B, 4V7C, 4V7D, 5MY1, 6H58, 6XIJ, 6AWD, 4V6K, 6VZ3, 6VZ5, 4V7A, 4V65, 4V66, 4V6V, 6VYY, 6VYZ, 6VYX, 3DG2, 6VZ2, 4V6T, 3DG0, 4V7I, 4V6R, 4V6Q, 4V48, 4V6Y, 4V75, 4V6Z, 4V6N, 4V47, 3DG4, 4V72, 4V6S, 4V6L, 3J28, 4V6P, 3J2A, 5ME1, 5ME0, 4ADV, 6VYT, 3J2B, 3J29, 4V6O, 3J2C, 5UZ4, 4V73, 4V79, 3DG5, 4V4W, 4V4V, 3J2E, 4A2I, 4V77, 4V74, 4V70, 4V76, 3J2G, 3J2F, 3J2D, 3J2H, 2YKR, 4V78, 4V71
NR_all_83717.71 None5J7L5J7L, 5J8A, 5JC9, 4YBB, 5IT8, 4WOI, 6I7V, 5J91, 4V9P, 5J88, 6LKQ, 4V9D, 4V9O, 4WWW, 4V6C, 4V7T, 4U27, 4WF1, 4V7U, 4V7V, 4V52, 4U24, 4U25, 4U26, 4V7S, 4V57, 4U1U, 4V85, 4V54, 4V64, 4V50, 6BY1, 4V53, 4U1V, 4V9C, 4V56, 4U20, 4V55, 4V4Q, 4V6D, 4V89, 4V6E, 4V5Y, 4V5B, 5J5B, 4V4H, 6HRM, 7K00, 6XZ7, 6PJ6, 6YS3, 6YSS, 6PCR, 6PC6, 6PC7, 6XZB, 6TBV, 6TC3, 6PCQ, 6XZA, 6QDW, 6PC5, 5AFI, 6WYV, 6PCT, 6U48, 6Y69, 6PCS, 6WNT, 5NWY, 6WD0, 6WDE, 5H5U, 6ORE, 6PC8, 5MDV, 6H4N, 6WNW, 6ZU1, 6ZTP, 6ZTO, 6PCH, 6X7K, 6YSR, 5MDW, 6SZS, 5MGP, 5MDZ, 6S0K, 5U9G, 5U9F, 6WDD, 5UYM, 6ENU, 6X6T, 6YST, 6QUL, 6VWL, 5WFS, 7JT1, 6WDG, 6WDF, 6WD1, 6OG7, 5WE4, 6OFX, 3JBV, 6C4I, 5WDT, 7BV8, 6ENF, 6WNV, 6OGI, 5GAE, 3JCE, 5MDY, 5LZD, 6ZTM, 5WE6, 6I0Y, 7JT2, 6X7F, 6BU8, 5WFK, 5O2R, 5LZE, 6ZTJ, 5U4I, 6VWN, 6VWM, 5UYL, 6WD2, 6WDK, 6WD5, 6WDM, 6WD3, 5IQR, 6OSQ, 3JBU, 5LZA, 5KCR, 5JU8, 5JTE, 7JT3, 7JSZ, 7JSS, 6WDJ, 6WD4, 6WD8, 6WD6, 6WD9, 6WDL, 6XDQ, 6VYS, 6VYQ, 6VU3, 6YSU, 6ORL, 6OSK, 3J9Z, 6DNC, 3JCJ, 5WF0, 7JSW, 5UYQ, 6WDA, 6VYR, 6ENJ, 6Q9A, 5L3P, 5GAD, 6GC8, 5UYP, 5UYK, 6OGF, 6WD7, 6ZTL, 6GWT, 6OUO, 5KPW, 6GXM, 5GAG, 5GAH, 6GBZ, 5KPS, 5UYN, 6WDI, 6WDB, 6GC0, 3J9Y, 6GXO, 6GXN, 6O9K, 6O9J, 5KPX, 3JCD, 4UY8, 5KCS, 6VZJ, 6OT3, 6Q97, 6ZTN, 6OGG, 6WDC, 3J7Z, 5NP6, 6WDH, 5KPV, 5GAF, 6GXP, 6Q98, 3JA1, 3JCN, 6OST, 6GC4, 5LZF, 6XDR, 6X9Q, 5LZC, 5NCO, 6XGF, 6GC6, 6C4H, 6GC7, 5LZB, 4CSU, 4V5H, 5U4J, 3J8G, 4V69, 5AKA, 6VZ7, 6VYU, 6VYW, 6XII, 4V6M, 4V7B, 5ADY, 3J5L, 4V7C, 4V7D, 6H58, 6XIJ, 5ZZM, 4V6K, 6VZ3, 6VZ5, 4V7A, 4V65, 4V66, 4V6T, 2J28, 2RDO, 4V6V, 6VYX, 6VYZ, 6VYY, 6VZ2, 3DG2, 3DG0, 4V6R, 4V6Q, 4V7I, 4V48, 4V75, 4V6Z, 4V6Y, 3BBX, 4V6N, 4V47, 4V72, 4V6S, 4V6L, 3DG4, 4V6P, 6VYT, 4V6O, 4V73, 4V79, 3DG5, 4V4W, 4V4V, 4V76, 4V70, 4V74, 4V77, 4V78, 4V71