A Portal for Three-dimensional Structural Information about Nucleic Acids
As of 25-May-2022 number of released structures: 12098
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Similar structures that share the same, or nearly same, sequence and geometry are grouped into equivalence classes

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Equivalence ClassResolution cut-offRepresentative (PDB ID)Members
NR_all_83891.20 None4WF94WF9, 5HKV, 4WFA, 5HL7, 4WCE, 4WFB, 5NRG, 6S0Z, 6S0X, 6HMA, 7ASM, 7ASP, 5NGM, 7P48, 7ASO, 7NHM, 7NHL, 6YEF, 7ASN, 6SJ6, 5T7V, 6S12, 5ND8, 5ND9, 5LI0, 5TCU, 6S13, 6FXC
NR_all_90633.20 None4WF94WF9, 5HL7, 4WFA, 5HKV, 4WCE, 4WFB, 5NRG, 6S0Z, 7ASM, 6HMA, 6S0X, 5NGM, 7NHL, 7ASP, 7NHM, 7P48, 7ASN, 6YEF, 6WQN, 7ASO, 6WQQ, 6WRU, 6WRS, 6DDG, 6DDD, 6S12, 6SJ6, 5T7V, 5ND8, 5ND9, 5LI0, 5TCU, 6S13, 6FXC