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As of 22-Jun-2022 number of released structures: 12128
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Similar structures that share the same, or nearly same, sequence and geometry are grouped into equivalence classes

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Equivalence ClassResolution cut-offRepresentative (PDB ID)Members
NR_all_08576.3 None6DO86DO8, 6DPI, 6DP9, 6DPB, 6DMN, 6DPP, 6DPK, 6DPD, 6DOT, 6DOK, 6DP8, 6DPL, 6DPG, 6DOU, 6DPC, 6DO9, 6DMV, 6DP4, 6DPN, 6DOJ, 6DPH, 6DOS, 6DOO, 6DP6, 6DOX, 6DP5, 6DOL, 6DP1, 6DOZ, 6DP7, 6DOQ, 6DPA, 6DOM, 6DOG, 6DOP, 6DOH, 6DOA, 6DON, 6DOV, 6DPO, 6DOD, 6DOB, 6DOW, 6DPM, 6DPF, 6DP3, 6DP2, 6DPE, 6DPJ, 6DOR, 6DOF, 6DP0, 6DOI, 6DOC, 6DOE, 6N6G
NR_all_23205.3 None6DO86DO8, 6DP9, 6DOS, 6DPB, 6DPP, 6DPI, 6DOK, 6DOU, 6DOO, 6DPD, 6DOP, 6DO9, 6DMN, 6DPC, 6DOQ, 6DOT, 6DP4, 6DPL, 6DPN, 6DOM, 6DOG, 6DOX, 6DPH, 6DMV, 6DOJ, 6DOH, 6DP1, 6DP5, 6DPA, 6DPK, 6DP6, 6DOL, 6DOA, 6DPG, 6DOZ, 6DOB, 6DOV, 6DPO, 6DP7, 6DOF, 6DON, 6DOD, 6DOR, 6DOW, 6DPM, 6DPF, 6DP3, 6DPJ, 6DP2, 6DPE, 6DP0, 6DOC, 6DOI, 6DOE