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As of 12-Aug-2020 number of released structures: 10887
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Similar structures that share the same, or nearly same, sequence and geometry are grouped into equivalence classes

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Equivalence ClassResolution cut-offRepresentative (PDB ID)Members
NR_all_65795.53 None4LFB4LFB, 5WNV, 4DR6, 4LF8, 4LF7, 4X65, 5WNT, 4JI1, 4X64, 4DUY, 4DR2, 4LF9, 4Y4O, 4LF6, 4LF4, 4DR5, 4KHP, 4V9H, 4DV6, 4JI7, 5FDV, 4X62, 4DV7, 5FDU, 5WNU, 4DR3, 4JYA, 5HCQ, 4JI3, 6CAE, 5IBB, 4JI6, 5WNP, 6CFL, 4LFC, 4JI0, 4WQ1, 4WSM, 4WQR, 5IB7, 6MPF, 5J4B, 5E81, 4X66, 5EL7, 6CFK, 4JI8, 4DR1, 5EL6, 4LFA, 5IB8, 4DV5, 6CFJ, 6OF1, 4DV0, 6MPI, 5J4C, 5W4K, 4DV3, 6QNR, 5DFE, 5J8B, 4Z8C, 6CAP, 5HCR, 4DV4, 4WSD, 5NDK, 5WIS, 6CAQ, 4V8I, 2UXC, 6NY6, 4WPO, 4K0K, 1VY4, 5EL4, 6ND5, 4V6G, 4Z3S, 4V5F, 4JI2, 4WT8, 4LNT, 4DR4, 4V8D, 6FKR, 4JV5, 4NXN, 4W2I, 5HD1, 4DUZ, 5HCP, 6QNQ, 4LF5, 4W2G, 4JI4, 4DV1, 4V5R, 6O97, 5E7K, 5IWA, 6MKN, 5EL5, 5HAU, 4NXM, 4DV2, 4GKK, 4W2H, 4V95, 4WT1, 4V7M, 4W4G, 4GKJ, 4V8B, 4Y4P, 5WIT, 4JI5, 4W2F, 5DOY, 1FJG, 5WNQ, 5WNS, 4WRA, 4V9B, 4WR6, 1IBL, 4DR7, 4W2E, 6C5L, 4V9S, 4WU1, 1VY5, 4V7J, 4YZV, 6DTI, 4WQU, 4ZER, 4V9R, 6ND6, 6UO1, 4WZO, 1HNW, 4YPB, 4V5J, 4V5Q, 4V5P, 4V5S, 1VY7, 4ZSN, 4V5L, 4WQF, 1VY6, 4V5C, 3OTO, 5NDJ, 4WRO, 1XNR, 4V6F, 4L47, 5V8I, 1XMQ, 4V51, 4V8C, 1HR0, 1IBM, 4TUA, 4V8Q, 6CAO, 6GSK, 4V5D, 1HNZ, 4TUD, 4V7K, 4V9A, 6CAS, 6CAR, 4V5K, 4TUC, 4V5E, 2UXB, 4WQY, 4P6F, 4TUE, 4V87, 4V8E, 1IBK, 1N32, 3T1H, 3T1Y, 5F8K, 1XNQ, 4V90, 4V8H, 4TUB, 4V8F, 2HHH, 4LSK, 4YY3, 4V83, 4V7L, 4V97, 4V8G, 4V9K, 4V9I, 6N9F, 6N9E, 5CZP, 1VVJ, 4LT8, 4V9Q, 4V67, 5VPO, 4KVB, 4OX9, 4L71, 6B4V, 4LFZ, 5WNR, 4P70, 4V8A, 1HNX, 6N1D, 2UXD, 1N33, 6UCQ, 4V8J, 4XEJ, 4V7Y, 4V9L, 4V7P, 4V63, 4V84, 4LEL, 5D8B, 4V9M, 5DOX, 4V5G, 4V4J, 4V7W, 1XMO, 4V7X, 2E5L, 4V7Z, 4W29, 4V5A, 2ZM6, 4V4I, 1N36, 4V8O, 1N34, 4V4R, 4V4T, 4V4S, 4V4X, 4V4Z, 4V4Y, 4V4P, 4B3M, 4B3T, 4B3R, 6GSJ, 4B3S, 5BR8, 1J5E, 4AQY, 4V8X, 4V6A, 4V8U, 4V9N, 4V8N, 4V9J, 6GSL, 6BOK, 6BOH, 5VPP, 4BTC, 5J3C, 6OPE, 6OTR, 6ORD, 5UQ8, 6BZ6, 6OJ2, 5J30, 6OF6, 6OXA, 1FKA, 2JL5, 2JL7, 5UQ7, 6OXI, 6GZQ, 6BUW, 6NDK, 1I94, 6BZ8, 6BZ7, 5ZLU, 6Q95, 5OT7, 5LMN, 6GZZ, 1I96, 1I95, 5LMQ, 5LMU, 5LMT, 6GZX, 5LMO, 2F4V, 5LMR, 5LMV, 5LMS, 5IMQ, 5LMP, 1I97, 4V68, 1JGQ, 4V42, 1JGO, 5IMR, 4V5N, 4V5M, 1JGP, 5A9Z, 5AA0
NR_all_97519.48 None4Y4O4Y4O, 5HCQ, 4V9H, 5FDU, 5FDV, 4V8I, 4WPO, 5IBB, 5IB7, 6CAE, 5E81, 6CFL, 4WQR, 4WQ1, 4WSM, 5DFE, 4V95, 5HCR, 5IB8, 6CFK, 5EL7, 4Z8C, 5NDK, 4WSD, 6CFJ, 5W4K, 4V6G, 4WQU, 5J4B, 6QNR, 4V8D, 1VY4, 6OF1, 5EL6, 5J8B, 4V9R, 5EL4, 5HD1, 5WIS, 5J4C, 4LNT, 4WQF, 4W2G, 5HCP, 4W2H, 6QNQ, 4V9S, 4V8G, 6FKR, 4V8B, 4V5F, 4Z3S, 4V5J, 4W2I, 6ND5, 4V8H, 4WT1, 5HAU, 6C5L, 4WT8, 4V7M, 4WR6, 4WRA, 5E7K, 4W2F, 5EL5, 4W4G, 4V9B, 4WU1, 6O97, 1VY7, 4Y4P, 4WQY, 4ZER, 1VY5, 5WIT, 5V8I, 5DOY, 5NDJ, 4WZO, 4V7J, 4V5R, 1VY6, 4L47, 6ND6, 4YPB, 4V8C, 4V87, 4V8A, 4WRO, 4V5E, 4V6F, 4YZV, 4V5S, 4V8F, 4V90, 5VPO, 6GSK, 4V8E, 4V8Q, 4V51, 4TUA, 6UO1, 4V5P, 4V5C, 4V7K, 4V5Q, 4V5D, 4ZSN, 4TUD, 4V5K, 4P6F, 4V9A, 5F8K, 4V83, 4TUC, 4W2E, 4TUE, 4V9I, 4LSK, 4V7Y, 4V97, 4LT8, 4V5L, 4TUB, 1VVJ, 4V9K, 4V7L, 4V9Q, 4V7X, 5DOX, 5CZP, 6B4V, 4V84, 4V67, 4L71, 4LFZ, 4V7W, 6N9E, 6CZR, 6N9F, 6N1D, 4P70, 4XEJ, 6UCQ, 4V9L, 4V7P, 4V9M, 4V63, 4LEL, 5D8B, 4V7Z, 4V8J, 4V5G, 4V4J, 4W29, 4V5A, 4V4I, 4V8O, 4V4Z, 4V4X, 4V4R, 4V4Y, 4V4S, 4V4T, 4V4P, 6GSJ, 4V6A, 4V8X, 4V8N, 4V9N, 4V8U, 4V9J, 6GSL, 6BOK, 6BOH, 5VPP, 5J3C, 6OTR, 6OPE, 6ORD, 6BZ6, 6OJ2, 6OF6, 5J30, 6GZQ, 6OXA, 2JL6, 2JL8, 6OXI, 5UQ8, 6BUW, 6NDK, 6BZ7, 6BZ8, 5OT7, 6Q95, 5UQ7, 5ZLU, 6GZZ, 6GZX, 5IMQ, 4V68, 4V42, 4V5N, 4V5M, 5IMR, 5A9Z, 5AA0
NR_all_19951.37 None4YCO4YCO, 3FOZ, 4WOI, 5NDK, 4V9H, 3L0U, 2ZM5, 4V5R, 4V9D, 6QNR, 4V5P, 2ZXU, 4V6F, 5NDJ, 4WQU, 4V5S, 4W2E, 4V5Q, 4WQF, 4V5E, 5J4B, 6C5L, 6CFJ, 5W4K, 4V5J, 5WIT, 5J4C, 5WIS, 4V5D, 4WT1, 4V51, 4V9C, 6ND5, 4W2G, 4WQR, 5DOY, 4Y4P, 4Z3S, 4WSD, 4W2I, 1VY4, 4WPO, 4WRO, 6UO1, 4V5L, 4W2F, 4WZO, 4V5G, 1VY7, 1VY5, 4V5C, 4P6F, 6UCQ, 4V97, 4V4I, 4V9I, 4W2H, 4V8J, 4V4Y, 6AZ1, 3R8O, 6WDE, 3R8N, 5AFI, 6WDD, 5UYM, 5UQ8, 6WNW, 5WDT, 5WFS, 6WDG, 6WDF, 6VWL, 5WE4, 2JL7, 2JL5, 3JCE, 6BU8, 5UQ7, 6WD5, 6WD3, 5UYL, 6WDK, 6WD2, 6WDM, 5IQR, 5WE6, 5WFK, 6VWM, 6VWN, 6WD8, 6WD6, 6WD9, 6WDJ, 6WDL, 6WD4, 6WDA, 5WF0, 6O9J, 5UYK, 5OT7, 6WD7, 5KPX, 5KPW, 3J73, 1VX2, 6Q95, 6WDI, 6WDB, 5KPV, 6WDC, 6WDH, 3JCD, 3JBV, 4V69, 4V7D, 4V7C, 4V6K, 3J46, 4V6L
NR_all_42622.48 None5FDV5FDV, 5FDU, 4Y4O, 5IBB, 5HCQ, 4WPO, 5E81, 5DFE, 6CFL, 6CAE, 4WQR, 5IB7, 4V8I, 5IB8, 5W4K, 4V95, 6CFK, 4WQU, 4WSM, 4WQ1, 5NDK, 4WSD, 5HCR, 5EL7, 6OF1, 5J4B, 6QNR, 4LNT, 6CFJ, 4WQF, 5EL6, 4V8D, 4V8G, 4WT1, 4W2G, 5J4C, 4Z8C, 5EL4, 4V9R, 5HD1, 5HCP, 6FKR, 4V9H, 6ND5, 4W2I, 5WIS, 4Z3S, 4WQY, 4WR6, 1VY4, 5HAU, 4V6G, 4V8B, 5J8B, 4V5J, 4W2H, 6O97, 4WRA, 4V9S, 6QNQ, 4ZER, 4WT8, 1VY7, 4W2F, 6C5L, 5WIT, 4V7M, 4V8H, 5NDJ, 5V8I, 4V9B, 5E7K, 4WU1, 1VY5, 4Y4P, 5DOY, 4V5F, 4W4G, 5EL5, 4V6F, 4WZO, 4V8E, 4V5R, 4V8A, 5VPO, 4YZV, 6ND6, 6GSK, 6UO1, 4V8C, 4ZSN, 1VY6, 4LT8, 4V8F, 4L47, 4YPB, 4V5Q, 4TUA, 4WRO, 5F8K, 4V90, 4V5P, 4V7J, 4TUD, 4V5E, 4V5S, 4V9A, 4V87, 4V51, 4TUC, 4V5D, 4V5C, 4W2E, 4LSK, 4V9I, 4P6F, 4V8Q, 4V97, 5CZP, 4V7L, 6CZR, 4TUE, 6N9E, 6N9F, 4TUB, 1VVJ, 5DOX, 4V9Q, 4V5L, 4V5K, 4V7K, 4V83, 4P70, 4L71, 6UCQ, 6B4V, 4V9K, 4V7Y, 4V67, 5D8B, 4LEL, 4LFZ, 4V7X, 4V7W, 6N1D, 4V84, 4V9L, 4V9M, 4V4J, 4V63, 4XEJ, 4V8J, 4V5G, 4V7P, 4W29, 4V5A, 4V4I, 4V7Z, 4V8O, 4V4R, 4V4S, 4V4T, 4V4Z, 4V4X, 4V4Y, 4V4P, 6GSJ, 4V6A, 4V8U, 4V8X, 4V9J, 4V8N, 4V9N, 6GSL, 6BOK, 6BOH, 5VPP, 6OTR, 5J3C, 6ORD, 6OPE, 5J30, 6BZ6, 6OJ2, 6OXA, 6GZQ, 6OF6, 2JL8, 2JL6, 5UQ8, 6OXI, 5ZLU, 6BUW, 6NDK, 6BZ7, 5UQ7, 6BZ8, 6Q95, 5OT7, 6GZZ, 6GZX, 5IMQ, 4V42, 4V68, 5IMR, 4V5N, 4V5M, 5A9Z, 5AA0