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NDB ID: 5OB3    PDB ID: 5OB3 



Molecular Description:

RNA aptamer (69-MER)

Nucleic Acid Sequence:

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Protein Sequence:

No Protein Sequence Found

Primary Citation:

Fernandez-Millan, P., Autour, A., Ennifar, E., Westhof, E., Ryckelynck, M.
Crystal structure and fluorescence properties of the iSpinach aptamer in complex with DFHBI. 
RNA, 23, pp. 1788 - 1795, 2017.

Experimental Information:


Space Group:

C 1 2 1

Cell Constants:

a = 150.7   b = 48.5   c = 30.1 (Ångstroms)

α = 90.0   β = 91.86   γ = 90.0 (degrees)


The structure was refined using the PHENIX program. The R value is 0.1996 for 27458 reflections in the resolution range 46.166 to 2.004 Ångstroms with Fobs >  1.36 sigma(Fobs) and with I >  0.0 sigma(I)